JWB Farm Services - A year on the farm

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 1:13:40 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

This is my second attempt at doing a farming year video. It's a slow progression and will be added to, with hopefully a narration to accompany it in the future.

Case Quadrac 600 and Simber solo

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 4:45 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

A local farmers Case Quadrac 600 working in wheat stubble with a 6 metre Simba solo. My biggest passion is videoing machinery in action and I am always interested in filming different machines working.

JCB Fastrac ploughing with 9 furrows

Year of production: 2014

Running Time: 17:40 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

One of the machines in the fleet where I work. Consequently I am able to film regular videos of these machines working.

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